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Missing AirAsia flight #QZ8501

An AirAsia plane with 162 on board was reported missing on the way from Indonesia to Singapore on Sunday. Bookmark this LIVE feed for latest information on the search operation.

  • The divers who try to recover more bodies and debris from the AirAsia jet that plunged into the sea won't have to deal with extreme depths, but they will have to work carefully to preserve evidence from the Airbus A320 that dropped from the sky with 162 people on board.

    Their work will be critical — both to the crash investigation and the grieving relatives who lost loved ones.

    "To the families, there is nothing more important than getting your loved ones home," says Matt Ziemkiewicz, whose sister, Jill, died in the 1996 crash of TWA 800 off Long Island. "So you're going to want to recover people, but you're also going to want to preserve evidence." Ziemkiewicz is now president of the National Air Disaster Alliance. David Koenig and Scott Mayerowitz - AP
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